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Magic Pet Hair Removal Brush Grooming Tool
Magic Pet Hair Removal Brush Grooming Tool
Magic Pet Hair Removal Brush Grooming Tool
Magic Pet Hair Removal Brush Grooming Tool
Magic Pet Hair Removal Brush Grooming Tool
Magic Pet Hair Removal Brush Grooming Tool
Magic Pet Hair Removal Brush Grooming Tool

Magic Pet Hair Removal Brush Grooming Tool

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3 in 1


√ Easy-Grip Handle
The handle on each Groom Glider is about the same length as the handles commonly found on human hairbrushes, and has been designed to feel comfortable to grip. That means you'll likely be able to get through a long grooming session with your pet, involving both brushing and bathing, without feeling as if the hand you're holding your tool with is sore. The easy-grip handle will also be difficult to drop, even if you have to comb through a particularly nasty tangle within a very thick coat.

√ For Dogs and Cats
While some grooming tools are suitable for just dogs or just cats, this one is suitable for cats and dogs alike, regardless of their size, hair type, age or breed. As a result, if you wash the tool in between uses, you may choose to use the same one for multiple canines or felines in your home. You'll also be able to lend it to another dog or cat owner without worrying about whether it'll work properly on their animal companion's hair.

√ Enhances Hair, Body Health
As the bristles of your Groom Glider burrow deep into your pet's coat, massaging all the hair, your pet's body will end up receiving a gentle massage, too. This will promote increased blood flow throughout the body, which may enhance your pet's overall health. The massaging action will also promote the secretion of natural, shine-enhancing oils from your pet's coat, which will make their fur appear healthy and lustrous as opposed to dull or dry.

√ Can Use On Furniture, Clothing
If your pet has a type of coat that tends to shed a lot of hair, you may often find some of that fur on your furniture or your clothing. Fortunately, you'll be able to use your Groom Glider to remove loose hair from those areas just as effectively as you can to remove it from your pet. Therefore, not only will your pet look his or her best, but you and your home will also appear cleaner and more attractive.


Brush Cat or Dog
To get started with your Groom Glider, brush your cat or dog's coat as you would while using a standard hairbrush. However, you must be sure that you're using the side of the brush with bristles instead of ridges. As you run the bristles along your dog or cat's fur, they'll reach all the way down to your pet's undercoat and gently massage out any tangles. Meanwhile, the entire tool will pick up any hair that's shed and collect it up, so you can dispose of it later.

Clean Brush
Before you move on to bathing your dog or cat with this grooming tool, it's best to clean out the bristled side of your brush. Simply pull out any hair that's stuck in the bristles (you should be able to do this with just one hand) and toss it in the trash can of your choice.

Bathe Pet
If your pet's not in an area that can be exposed to water, like a bathtub or sink, you'll need to move them there. Then add your choice of pet shampoo to the side of your grooming tool that has honeycomb ridges, and add a bit of water along with it. Next, in order to bathe your pet, just brush the tool along their coat and the water and shampoo you've added will do the job. Your pet likely won't find this as unpleasant as being submerged in water, and they may even enjoy this type of liquid cleaning.

Rinse Brush
Once you're done shampooing your pet, rinse off your grooming brush with water, and run it over your pet's coat a few more times to brush away the shampoo. Rinse the brush with water a final time and then store it someplace safe until its next use.