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GlowProSmart LED Tail Light
GlowProSmart LED Tail Light
GlowProSmart LED Tail Light
GlowProSmart LED Tail Light
GlowProSmart LED Tail Light
GlowProSmart LED Tail Light

GlowProSmart LED Tail Light

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REVOLUTIONARY MOTION SENSING BRAKE LIGHT: The GlowProSmart LED Tail Light auto-sensing brake light system allows your bike to shine the same way a car’s brake light does. When you brake, it will auto-sense this change in motion and light a solid red. This will signal to the vehicle behind to slow down to a stop because every driver instinctively knows to brake once they see a solid red light.



GlowPro Smart LED Tail Light


AUTOMATICALLY TURNS ON/OFF FOR YOU: No more time wasted locating the power button to turn On/off your light. Simply park your bike, walk away, and the GlowProSmart LED Tail Light will automatically turn off. When you’re ready to ride, Revolutionary Integrated accelerometer tech auto senses your bicycle’s motion and will turn on automatically.

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GlowPro Smart LED Tail Light

GlowPro Smart LED Tail Light

HIGHLY VISIBLE DAY OR NIGHT: 75% of accidents happen during daylight because most rear lights are hardly visible. The GlowProSmart LED Tail Light with a rear 180-degree coverage is highly visible.

GlowPro Smart LED Tail Light


  • Full 6061 Aluminium alloy chassis
  • Seat rail or seat post mounting
  • Slope adaptive technology
  • 20hrs+ runtime
  • 400mAh Li-ion USB rechargeable battery
  • Compact and Lightweight design (38gr)
  • Waterproof - IPX6 rated
  • Auto/Manual mode switch
  • LED can be Fixed (for local law compliance) or (2) Flashing modes 
  • Break Sensing: LED turns brighter when sensing a slow down in speed.
  • 100 Lumens


      Q: How long does it takes to ship out? 

      A: We ship within 24-48 hours. 

      Q:  Is the tail light visible during daylight hours? What about in full sun?

      A: They work very well in both daylight and bright sunlight, the difference for this model has AUTO ON/ OFF.

      Q: How long will the battery last in standby (auto) mode, waiting to be woken up when the bike is finally moved?

      A: Charge lasts for at least 10 hours. 

      Q: How many lumens?

      A: 100 Lumens.

      Q: How do I know when it is fully charged?

      A: On the Back of the light, when plugged in. Will be a Green/White light to let you know when it’s fully charged.

      Q: How well does this stay on? I do a lot of jumping on my mtb, are there pieces that will come off?

      A: The light itself actually screws onto the seat mount (which is clamped onto the rails) so it would take a force so strong for it to break off that I seriously don't think the bike itself would be safe to ride if enough force was applied to affect the light.

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